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Faculty of Biology today - facts and numbers

  • The Faculty of Biology is one of 14 faculties of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. It comprises 4 institutes, 27 departments, 2 institute laboratories, 5 core facilities, Natural Collections, library and administrative units (dean's office and 4 institute secretariats).
  • At the Faculty, there are 307 staff members, including 195 academic teachers and 112 research assistants, technical assistants, administrative personnel and librarians. At the faculty are 42 full professors, 32 associate professors and 121 assistant professors.
  • Decisions related to scientific issues are taken at meetings of the Council consisting of 74 senior research and teaching staff members. Organizational, administrative and employee issues are managed by the elected Faculty Council. It includes 53 members representing all groups of employees, PhD students and students.
  • Over 350 publications prepared by the staff and PhD students come out per year. To large extent, they are the result of research funded by numerous domestic and international grants. Currently, there are over 80 research projects covered by grants from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Many projects have R&D character and are realized, among others, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, State Administration and municipal units, companies and health care institutions.
  • The Faculty is involved in four international and five domestic consortia/networks. It is also included in the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.
  • Each year, dozens of foreign visitors participate in seminars and conferences held at the Faculty.
  • Scope of research conducted at the Faculty significantly contributes to the development of biological sciences, starting from molecular through cellular and organismal level, and up to supra-organismal level, including relationships between organisms and environment - within populations, ecosystems and higher rank levels. All these studies more and more strongly start to incorporate a most modern approach, involving, on one hand, evolutionary issues and, on the other, computational (bioinformatic) techniques. A high emphasis is also put on interdisciplinary research projects.
  • Education system comprises full and part time studies: undergraduate and graduate as well as PhD studies and post-diploma courses. There are over 1600 students and more than 120 PhD students.
  • Full time studies are offered in three major fields of studies that have accreditation of the Polish Accreditation Committee: Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection, and also in the joint programme in Bioinformatics, co-conducted with the Poznań University of Technology. For undergraduate studies, there is a separate enrolment for specializations in Ecology and Environmental Resources Management, Hydrobiology and Water Protection (within Environmental Protection). Graduate studies are offered in 10 specializations: Human Biology, Experimental Biology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology, Ecology and Environmental Resources Management (within Biology); Hydrobiology, Water Protection, Protection and Development of Land Environments, Environmental Management and Environmental Chemistry (within Environmental Protection).
  • The Faculty offers also full time studies in Environmental Protection at the University's external centres in Słubice and Piła.
  • Part time studies are conducted in two majors: Biology (BSc and MSc level) and Environmental Protection (in academic year 2010/2011 only at the BSc level). Biology course at the MSc level offers a choice of three specializations: Human Biology, Experimental Biology and Environmental Biology.
  • Each year, within the framework of the Eramus/Socrates program, about 30 students go to study abroad. A list of partner universities includes 29 universities from 14 countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Turkey.
  • In 2011, the Scientific Circle of Naturalists, an organisation of great tradition and place of activity for many students of the Faculty, celebrated its 90th anniversary.
  • Since several years, the Faculty has been operating in a new building - Collegium Biologicum - situated at the University Campus in Morasko. A modern equipment of teaching rooms and laboratories promotes the quality of education and creates favourable conditions for the scientific and research development. A special role, also integrative, play core facilities: Electron and Confocal Microscopy, Molecular Biology Techniques, Isotopic, Phytotron, Natural Collections, and a library.
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Faculty of Biology AMU

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