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The system of education at the Faculty of Biology comprises the following forms of studies: full-time, part-time, PhD and post-diploma. After the reforms implemented in 1998/99, the system complies with the basic European standards, i.e. comprises three-stage tertiary studies (undergraduate-graduate-postgraduate) and is in complete agreement with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). In addition, various forms of post-diploma education are a part of the Life-long Learning (LLL) system.

The aforementioned forms of studies lead to academic degrees: BSc, MSc and PhD in Biological Sciences.

Graduates of the Faculty of Biology find employment primarily in:

  • science (higher education and research institutions),
  • institutions of environmental protection,
  • various specialist laboratories: analytical, of molecular diagnostics, criminological and others
  • primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions
  • cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry
  • expert companies

Post-diploma studies provide the possibility for continual education and supplementing knowledge after starting employment, which, in case of dynamically developing life sciences, is just essential. Our offer of post-diploma studies and courses depends on the current interest of candidates.

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Faculty of Biology AMU

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